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the wisdom of rain

Late one summer night, as smoke from wildfires farther north drifts into El Cedro County, an anonymous caller reports that a pickup truck has plunged into a ravine high in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Answering the call, Sheriff’s Corporal Ana Orozco has no idea that the accident will draw her into a complex web of kidnapping, murder, a sixteen-year-old suspicious death, and betrayal within her own department—all of it fomented in one way or another by a ruthless narcotics network that has taken hold in the county. Working to assist Ana from hiding is the kidnap victim herself, a mysterious young woman with an unusual name. The Wisdom of Rain: An Ana Orozco Mystery is available exclusively on Amazon, in paperback and Kindle formats.

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On medical leave after suffering wounds during an ambush the previous summer, Ana Orozco is anxious to return to work. But plagued by post-traumatic stress, she isn’t at all certain she is fit for duty. To focus her troubled mind, she turns her attention to the cold case that caught her interest months earlier, enlisting the help of curmudgeon Theo McCorn. Then, when gang warfare erupts in El Cedro County, and wildfires threaten close to home, Ana is abruptly called back to service. But she finds that many of her colleagues, in the aftermath of the scandal that shook them to the core that summer, are divided into factions, torn apart by doubt and suspicion. If they are to face the looming dangers, Ana will have to step up to a leadership role, whether she’s sure of herself or not. As she struggles to find her footing, her erstwhile mentor, Ed Givens, faces dangers of his own in prison. ‌Burnover! is scheduled for release on Amazon in December 2023.

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